CONTENT WARNING: Gore, blood, general gross-out stuff, bdsm, limb removal, satanic imagery, cartoon violence, vomit, male genetalia, and other warnings to be added on. Basically it's NSFW.

Medical island is a South Korean webtoon made by Studio Animal. The series ran through 2003-2005. The show is considered partially lost, because while the whole series exists in okay-ish video quality, the english dub has only about 11 episodes that have been found. Most of the episodes have no dialouge though, so its no big worry. The show centers around Dr. Franken's human experiments, and the people who work under him.

Within Medical island, there are some very peculiar "patients" (they're more like bio-weapons honestly). We have...

Ting is an escape artist, that used to be a petty theif in the streets of (what i assume is) France. The only reason why he was taken in is for his knack for escaping (which is pretty ironic, since Dr.Franken went out of his way to kidnap and capture him, but he can just leave (not without a struggle though))

China Boy is a famous Xiaolin munk. He shows his... uh... genetalia to blind people, which is kinda "his thing". He became a princess's body guard. But while in a sacred desert with the princess, he was kidnapped and put on medical island. In the episode after this occurance (episode 10), he actually attempts to break out of the island with a girl named Silvy, who he thinks to be the princess. The princess is actually turned into a Zombi (i'll get to those later). Generally, i think he's a pretty cool character.

Sadu is an extremely violent sadistic bisexual icon. She'll take any chance she can to inflict harm. She seems to have a sworn enemy, but i've looked and it doesn't seem like i can find his name. But those two will take any chance to fuck the other up. Sadu actually isn't known to be a girl until episode 13, where its revealed in the "delusional" nurse's manga fanfiction that Sadu is a girl. She's also a kinky ass bitch.

She's actually whipping this one character's ass in this image. Said character being the love interest in the handless nurse's fanfic.

Muan is a crazy ass cat humanoid. His violent tendencies are only controlled by being with his own cat. There isn't much else to him, but he's pretty cool.

Narta... I don't even know how to explain this fool except for the fact that they're very shy and can grow vines from their body.

I don't quite know much about her either, except for the fact that she's usually associated with satanic imagery and she barfs everywhere.

These aren't all the patients, but these are the only ones i could find at least some comprehensive information on. Now, onto the workers at the facility...

I'll talk about the details on each one in order of the images.
Dr Franken is the head of Medical Island, who is essentially being controled by his little alien friend Rala to make all humans freaks like him too. Dr Franken is very abrasive