4/17/20 12:52 PM

hello again. things have been weird lately, but that goes for everyone i suppose. i've been left with nothing much to really do, so i supposed i should get back into astronomy. i actually had an astronomy internship at a local museum in 6th grade, but i spent the whole time drawing my stupid fucking undertale self-insert. i REALLY wish i hadn't, because i would like to at least remember some of it so i can at least stargaze. I was also in a group of annoying little shits who were obviously filthy frank fans. god im gonna throw 6th grade me into the depths of hell. but anyways, theres gonna be a metero shower in a few days so i can use my telescope then. see ya.

4/5/20 12:07 AM

hello everyone reading this. i guess this is my first entry in my journal. what a flashy and edgy introduction to my hollow life ahahaahah woohoo. although, i mostly made it like that because this is going to be an alternate place to vent, since people aren't great listeners. I don't really know why i made it that dramatic, i just like writing weird shit. i actually plan on being an author in some form when i grow up, so that works out. i should probably sleep soon though. gn hoes.

face reveal!! teeheehee *pisses myself*