Welcome to Panty's playhouse, where the aesthetics are mismatched and the verbal symbolism is absolutely nonsensical, but i'm doin' it anyways. I'm a beginner to HTML, so don't expect my site to look too pretty for a while.

7/8/20 LOG

HI SO i just realized Dannarchy made a button for me without me even asking, and i'm super thankful for that!! But anywho, Im super sorry i haven't really added anything of value and i will try my best to make more site features!

5/25/20 LOG

hello again guys. Sorry i haven't really done anything with the site in a month, but i have a lil something for people who self insert! It's a discord server!! you can go to it from here! (no longer avaliable) Anywho, i don't know when i'll be back but hopefully it'll be soon. Goodbye everyone!

4/5/20 UPDATE

hey everyone! I'm proud to announce that i have my first bigger website feature! I'm not too sure what to call it exactly, but you'll just have to judge for yourself:

in the meantime, i'll just work on smoothing things out and making more sites. later!

Virtal Shrine!

here's my site button! (creds to dannarchy!)

The epic guestbook!